Basal Junction Railway Station

Basal Junction Railway Station is located in Basal, a village in Jand Tehsil of Attock District, Punjab. This railway station was built dung the British era. Basal Railway Station is a busy railway station. The station was built on an old-fashioned design.

Basal Railway Station is located between Attock City Junction Railway Station and Jand Junction, at Basal Railway Station the quarters for the employees were built, which are deserted and dilapidated. Many rooms were also built at Basal railway station including ticket ghar, station master office, waiting room etc. People from far and wide come to Basal Railway Station and use it i.e. start their journey from here. The distance from Basal Railway Station to Golra junction Railway Station is about 90 km.

The HSL of Basal railway station is about 1505 feet.
The Qalma is written on top of the Basal station building. The Basal Railway Station building is made of a strong brick and its thick walls. The building of this station is painted white and on the front of the top is written Basal Junction in Urdu and Basal Junction in English words. Basal Junction railway station is surrounded by trees which are small flowering plants which add to its beauty. Special attention is paid to cleanliness of the station.

There is also a small shop at Basal railway station which provides convenience to passengers and railway station employees. but there is also a major problem at this station, which is that the platform here is not high enough that hundreds of people have been traveling on it for years. People here have tried hard to raise this platform.

Because many old people come to this station and they have to face a lot of difficulties while getting off the train. In 2019, the local people filed a request in Pakistan Railways Rawalpindi Office to raise the platform at this station. So he replied that it belongs to Peshawar Division, and then when the Peshawar request was given, the answer came from this side that there is no budget.

Then the people of the area, with your help, started raising the platform at this station. The length of the elevated platform is 800 feet. Elevation of this platform will make it easier for the passengers. Many trains pass through this station and some also stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name BasalArrival Time BasalDeparture Time
202DN – Attock Passenger 16:55 16:56
201UP – Attock Passenger 6:37 6:38
204DN – Jand Passenger 11:50 11:51
203UP – Jand Passenger 13:47 13:48
133UP – Kohat Express 17:38 17:40
134DN – Kohat Express 9:52 9:54
127UP – Mehr Express 5:30 5:32
128DN – Mehr Express 18:55 18:57
129Up-Thall Express 19:49 19:50

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