Golra Sharif Railway Muesum

Golra Sharif Railway Museum was built in 2003, and this museum is built at Golra Sharif Junction railway station. Golra Sharif Junction Railway Station was built in 1881. Inside this railway museum are kept old artifacts which were used in the earlier period. All the antiquities of this railway station dating back to 1861 are present here. Steam engines and electric locomotives are also kept inside Golra Sharif Railway Museum. Apart from engine tracks, this railway museum also houses old coaches with wooden benches and was not driven by engines but pushed by person.

At this railway museum, where the old locomotives are kept, old train carriages are also kept, including economy class, first class, postal vans. Postal vans used to carry people’s mail from one city to another. A railway crane is also standing on this railway museum, which lifts the train and brings it to the track if it falls. Golra Sharif Railway Museum Another train carriage has been erected on which the inspection car is written.

Many people visit the Golra Sharif Railway Museum and admire these artefacts. Golra Sharif Railway Museum also has the saloon which was used by Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India before the partition of India and this saloon is also used by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Everything is provided in this salon including kitchen, bed, and washroom etc. There are some fans installed inside it which consists of two wings and there are also wood burning stoves. Golra Sharif Railway Museum also has JR5 saloon which is a must see and this saloon was built in 1888 which was gifted by the Maharaja to his daughter.

Golra Sharif Railway Museum consists of two parts, the first part was built under the supervision of former Major General Ashfaq Khattak in 2003, for which he was awarded a national award. Part II of Golra Sharif Museum was built in 2018 by Mr. Former Federal Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq Sahib and senior officer of Pakistan Railways Zubair Shafiq played an important role in it and all the antiquities from 1861 till date are kept in it. In addition to old diesel engine models and models of other engines, old lamps and clocks are also kept inside this railway museum. A hand-operated siren and telephone etc. are also kept inside this railway museum.

Golra Sharif Railway Museum has also kept the old furniture which was used in long ago era, old heaters and fans are also kept here. At Golra Sharif Railway Museum, which was ordered by the British government, the bombs manufactured in the railway workshop in Lahore are also kept. In the Indo-Pak war, when the army conquered Khem karam, the entire equipment of the railway station there is also kept in this museum. In this railway museum, many photographs have been installed in which the emigrants of Pakistan are migrating through trains that used to come and go from Delhi.

Golra Sharif Railway Museum also kept the key that Major Retired SM Rafi used to lock the train from inside at the time of migration of the refugees and guided the engine himself to reach Karachi after completing a journey of 1200 miles safely. gone. Golra Sharif Railway Museum has a lot of artefacts and people come here and bring their children along so that they can also get acquainted with these things.

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