Sangla Hill Junction Railway Station

Sangla Hill Junction railway station is located in the town of Sangla Hill in Tehsil Nankana Sahib of District Sheikhupura in the province of Punjab. This railway station was built during the British era. This railway station is located on the main line, the station serves as a major junction between Shahdara Bagh – Sangla Hill Branch Line, Khanewal – Wazirabad Branch Line and Sangla Hill – Kundian Branch Line. The height of Sangla Hill Junction railway station is about 1027 feet above sea level.

Sangla is located at a distance of 103 km from the provincial capital Lahore. The population of this area is more than 2,00,000 Muslim community with about 10,000 Christian and Ahmadi population. A historical site where Alexander stayed during his march to Central India has left the city with its monument. A well that still flows and is maintained by the government. There are still many old buildings in the city, such as the temple which is visible as you enter the city on the Faisalabad Road.
Sangla Hill city is surrounded by many villages whose inhabitants are mostly Aryans, Jatt, Malik, Mughal, Awan and Ansaris etc. and some more minorities. Keep all these people from any caste and religion, it is the grace of Sangla city to create an ideal nation by increasing the attitude of brotherhood and humanity among them. This city is surrounded by about 109 villages. The city is the major market and economic center of the region.

Sangla Hill Junction is a very good railway station, the building of this railway station is constructed of stone bricks and painted white. There are many rooms in this railway station building including station master office, ticket ghar, police help office and waiting rooms etc. The round dots made in the front porch of the building at this railway station look very beautiful. Sangla is written in black ink in Urdu and English in front of Sangla railway station building.

On one side of the railway station building, there is a red stand with red buckets filled with sand and water to extinguish the fire. A railway park near this railway station where a black engine is parked near a hill adds to the beauty of Sangla Hill. There are three platforms at this railway station. Platform number one of the Sangla Hill Junction railway station was inaugurated around 1992 and sheds were also built on it, all three platforms of this station have sheds and beautiful wooden passenger benches. This railway station also has iron bridges which are used to go from one platform to another platform. There are also some trees at Sangla Hill Junction railway station, including large and old banyan trees. There is a lot of population around this railway station. Next to the main building of this railway station, there is another small building, which is a parcel warehouse, in which people’s goods are kept, which are taken from one city to another, and there is also a mosque next to this warehouse.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Sangla HillArrival Time Sangla HillDeparture Time
112DN – Badar Express 10:55 10:57
111UP – Badar Express 6:36 6:38
47UP – Rehman Baba Express 4:00 4:02
48DN – Rehman Baba Express 19:47 19:49
114DN – Ghouri Express 20:10 20:12
113UP – Ghouri Express 16:06 16:08
46DN – Pakistan Express 11:53 11:55
45UP – Pakistan Express 8:51 8:53
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express 13:50 13:52
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express 18:46 18:48
147UP – Mianwali Express 3:08 3:10
148DN – Mianwali Express 22:26 22:28
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
42DN – Karakoram Express Lahore Jn. 15:00
41UP – Karakoram Express Faisalabad 6:30 6:35
44DN – Shah Hussain Express Lahore Jn. 19:30
43UP – Shah Hussain Express Faisalabad 11:45 11:50
28DN – Shalimar Express Lahore Jn. 6:00
27UP – Shalimar Express Faisalabad 23:00 23:05

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