Tando Adam Junction Railway Station

Tando Adam Junction railway station is located in Tando Adam city of Sanghar district of Sindh province, Pakistan. This railway junction railway station was established during the British rule. This railway station is located on the main line, this junction is on the Karachi-Peshawar line and the Tando Adam-Mehrabpur branch line. Tando Adam Junction Railway Station is located between Wahab Shah Railway Station and Jalal Murree Railway Station. The height of this railway station is about 75 km above sea level. Tando Adam city was earlier under Nawabshah District till 1955 which is now known as Shaheed Benazir Bhutto District and later became a part of Sanghar District. It is the 57th largest city of Pakistan. Tando Adam city is known for its industries and agriculture. Crops around this city include sugarcane, wheat, cotton, bananas and mangoes. Tando Adam city of Sanghar district has the highest population as per 2017 census is 152,025. There is also a new housing scheme in Tando Adam city which has been spent towards. Like Satellite Town, Lake City Tondo Adam, Green City, Hilltop and several other housing schemes have occupied Tondo Adam. There are many places in the city of Tando Adam including mosques and Hindu temples. The poet Shah Abdul lataif Bhatai’s shrine is located at a distance of about 18 km from Tando Adam. There is also a medical college in Tando Adam city.

Tando Adam city has the biggest power loom industry of Pakistan, there is also a pharmaceutical industry called AHSONS DRUG COMPANY. Tando Adam is the economic center of Sanghar district. There are various oil extraction companies on Sanghar Road which have become a source of employment for the local people.

Tando Adam Junction Railway Station is a busy railway station and major railway station. The railway station building is constructed of stone bricks and is painted red on the outside and white on the inside. At this railway station, a plaque has been installed in front of the main building which reads Tando Adam Junction in Urdu and English, along with HCL. There are many rooms in this railway station building including station master office, ticket office, inquiry office, waiting room and parcel warehouse etc. A metal detector has been installed at Tando Adam junction, which acts as security. This railway station has two platforms and sheds have been built on them and wooden and cement benches have also been placed under them. There are many plants planted on this railway station which look very beautiful and apart from them there are also big trees including banyan trees, the surrounding of this railway station is very green and very beautiful area. Tando Adam railway station also has an iron bridge which is used to go from one platform to another platform, standing on this bridge gives a great view of the station. There are also small shops around the platform of this railway station where food and drinks are available. This railway station has two lines, one is the main line and the other is the loop line, a lot of trains pass through this station and some trains also stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Tando AdamArrival Time Tando AdamDeparture Time
10DN – Allama Iqbal Express 5:00 5:02
9UP – Allama Iqbal Express 17:25 17:27
14DN – Awam Express 15:00 15:02
13UP – Awam Express 10:48 10:53
146DN – Sukkur Express 2:50 2:52
145UP – Sukkur Express 3:00 3:03
38DN – Fareed Express 3:24 3:26
26DN – Bahauddin Zakria Express 4:25 4:27
25UP – Bahauddin Zakria Express 21:41 21:43
37UP – Fareed Express 23:24 23:26
12DN – Hazara Express 19:55 19:57
11UP – Hazara Express 9:45 9:47
46DN – Pakistan Express 5:20 5:22
45UP – Pakistan Express 16:18 16:20
8DN – Tezgam 5:46 5:48
7UP – Tezgam 20:34 20:36
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
5UP – Green Line Hyderabad Jn 0:10 0:15
6DN – Green Line Rohri Jn 6:00 6:20
16DN – Karachi Express Nawabshah Jn 6:52 6:54
15UP – Karachi Express Hyderabad Jn 18:35 18:43
42DN – Karakoram Express Rohri Jn 1:35 2:00
41UP – Karakoram Express Hyderabad Jn 17:35 17:40
2DN – Khyber Mail Nawabshah Jn 0:42 0:44
1UP – Khyber Mail Hyderabad Jn 0:35 0:45
44DN – Shah Hussain Express Rohri Jn 7:20 7:40
43UP – Shah Hussain Express Hyderabad Jn 21:35 21:40
28DN – Shalimar Express Nawabshah Jn 21:17 21:19
27UP – Shalimar Express Hyderabad Jn 8:20 8:25
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Hyderabad Jn 12:15 12:20
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Nawabshah Jn 9:44 9:46
33UP – Pak Business Express Hyderabad Jn 18:05 18:10
34DN – Pak Business Express Nawabshah Jn 5:58 6:00
31UP – Jinnah Express Hyderabad Jn 17:05 17:07
32DN – Jinnah Express Rohri Jn 0:00 0:20
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express Hyderabad Jn 23:15 23:20
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express Rohri Jn 4:44 5:05

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