Usman Khattar Railway Station

Usman Khattar railway station is located in Usman Khattar village in Tehsil Taxila, Rawalpindi District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. This railway station was built during the British period. The elevation of this railway station is about 1631 feet above sea level. Usman Khattar Railway Station is located between Taxila Railway and Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station. The distance from Rawalpindi to Usman Khattar is about 37 km. This railway station is the third railway station of Havelian branch line.

This railway station is very beautiful. The building of this station which is built from old stones is built on a design that such a station is rarely seen anywhere. Beautiful dots will be made at the entrance of the main building of this railway station and some sarees have also been made because the building is at a small height. Rose plants are also planted along the edges of this station which look very beautiful. If you go inside the building of this station, as soon as you enter, there is a window on the right side which is the ticket ghar and there is also a ticket board.

One of the best things to see inside the station building is the dot of stony bricks on the roof and walls. In the gallery of this station, there is a large lava bench on the left side of the building. This station has been built in a way that such things are not found anywhere else. As soon as you go to the platform of Usman Khattar railway station, you get to see numerous and colorful plants. The plants at this station are very beautiful, but what adds to the beauty of this station are the gardens that are built around these plants and they are beautifully decorated. Painted white, this railway station is as beautiful as it is clean as well, no garbage is seen here.

The platform of Usman Khattar Railway Station is quite large, there is a lot of space on both sides, but there are numerous plants planted on both sides, the length of this platform is more than 250 meters. Along with this railway station building, there are also very beautiful pots. This railway station is of great importance for tourists. The design of the door of this station master office room also contains a dot, next to the station master office there is a lamp room which is also known as bati godam in this room old lights and lamps are kept, along with There is a washroom with a bell installed next to it which informs the arrival of the train. A clean water tank has also been built at this railway station. Passengers and tourists are also welcomed in front of the main building of Usman Khattar Railway Station which is written in white on the ground.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Usman KhattarArrival Time Usman KhattarDeparture Time
267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger 8:50 8:51
268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger 18:55 18:56
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
12DN – Hazara Express Kot Najib Ullah 15:16 15:18
11UP – Hazara Express Taxila Cantt 12:44 12:46

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