Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station

Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station is located in Mohra Shah Wali, a village in Taxila Tehsil, Rawalpindi District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1913 during the British rule. The height of this railway station is about 1700 feet above sea level. The distance from Mohra Shah wali to Rawalpindi is about 54 km. Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station is located between Usman Khattar Railway Station and Hattar Railway Station .

Mohra is in the tehsil of Shah Wali Railway Station and Taxila was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1980. Old Taxila was an important city of ancient India located on the eastern bank of the Indus River. Which is the main junction of the sub-continent of Pakistan and Central Asia. Some of the ruins of Taxila date back to the Achaemenid Persian Empire. According to some accounts, the ancient University of Taxila is considered to be one of the oldest universities in the world. Taxila is one of the famous tourist destinations of Punjab which attracts millions of tourists every year and Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station is a part of this tehsil.

There is a station master and a ticket window, but there is no station master and ticket man at this station, this railway station is closed. Mohra Shah wali railway station is located on the main line, Mohra Shah wali station is located on the Taxila-Khunjarab line. There is no platform etc. at this railway station. There are many trees around this railway station. Mohra Shah Wali Railway Station is densely populated and has many houses around. Many trains pass through this railway station but no train stops here.

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