Rohri Junction Railway Station

Rohri Junction railway station is located in Rohri city of Sukkur district of Sindh province of Pakistan. This junction railway station was built around 1887 during the British era. It is a major railway station of the Pakistan Railway network, serving as a junction between the Karachi – Peshawar railway line and the Rohri – Chaman railway line. Rohri Junction Railway Station is located between Mandu Dero Railway Station and Beg Manji Railway Station. The height of Rohri Junction railway station is about 226 feet above sea level.
The city of Rohri is located on the eastern bank of the Indus River, directly across from Sindh’s third largest city, Sukkur. Rohri Town is the administrative headquarters of Rohri Taluk, a Tehsil of Sukkur District, forming a metropolitan area with it.
Rohri city is famous for its historical and archeological places, as well as the city has many memorable historical and archeological places for tourists and visitors. Some of them are Lance Down Bridge, Sukkur Barrage, Tomb of Seven Sisters, Masoom Shah, Ghanta Ghar, Sadhlu Bello and Mehran Lab etc. The most important place for most visitors in Rohri is the attractive part of river Indus where tourists can capture as a memorable goal. The distance from Sukkur city to Rohri is about 12 km.

Rohri Junction railway station is a busy railway station. The building of this railway station is also quite big and has many rooms including station master office, ticket office, waiting room, light warehouse, inquiry office, information office and many other rooms. The building of this railway station is two storied and it is painted white inside and outside and Rohri Junction is written in black ink in front of this building in Urdu and English. There are many hills around this railway station, this railway station was built by cutting the hill. This junction railway station has four platforms with sheds and wooden and cement benches. A large number of small shops and stalls have been set up on the platforms of Rohri Junction railway station, in which apart from food and drink, clothes, shawls and Sindhi caps etc. are available and many women come to this station and shop from here. A large warehouse was built next to platform number 4 of this railway station, which was a wooden warehouse in the early days when steam engines were used, and is still there in its original condition. This railway station also has an iron bridge which is used to go from platform to platform and from the top of this bridge there is a very good view of the station. There are two lines at Rohri Junction railway station and many trains pass through here and all trains have a stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Rohri JnArrival Time Rohri JnDeparture Time
10DN – Allama Iqbal Express 0:20 0:45
9UP – Allama Iqbal Express 21:40 22:05
14DN – Awam Express 9:00 9:25
13UP – Awam Express 16:10 16:35
5UP – Green Line 4:30 4:50
6DN – Green Line 6:00 6:20
40DN – Jaffar Express 4:25 4:50
39UP – Jaffar Express 19:50 20:15
16DN – Karachi Express 3:45 4:10
15UP – Karachi Express 23:05 23:30
42DN – Karakoram Express 1:35 2:00
41UP – Karakoram Express 21:55 22:20
2DN – Khyber Mail 21:35 22:00
1UP – Khyber Mail 5:20 5:45
44DN – Shah Hussain Express 7:20 7:40
43UP – Shah Hussain Express 1:55 2:15
28DN – Shalimar Express 18:15 18:35
27UP – Shalimar Express 12:50 13:10
146DN – Sukkur Express 21:15 21:35
145UP – Sukkur Express 8:00 8:20
47UP – Rehman Baba Express 16:45 17:10
48DN – Rehman Baba Express 6:35 7:00
33UP – Pak Business Express 22:35 22:55
34DN – Pak Business Express 2:55 3:15
31UP – Jinnah Express 21:25 21:45
32DN – Jinnah Express 0:00 0:20
38DN – Fareed Express 22:25 22:50
26DN – Bahauddin Zakria Express 23:30 23:55
25UP – Bahauddin Zakria Express 2:10 2:35
37UP – Fareed Express 4:00 4:25
12DN – Hazara Express 14:45 15:10
11UP – Hazara Express 14:05 14:30
46DN – Pakistan Express 0:40 1:05
45UP – Pakistan Express 20:05 20:30
8DN – Tezgam 1:00 1:25
7UP – Tezgam 0:40 1:05
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express 3:25 4:00
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express 4:44 5:05
213UP – Mohinjo Daro Passenger 21:00
214DN – Mohinjo Daro Passenger 7:00
18DN – Millat Express 2:00 2:25
17UP – Millat Express 0:00 0:25

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