Fateh Jang Railway Station

Fateh Jang Railway Station is located in Fateh Jang, District Attock, Pakistan. Fateh Jang Railway Station was built by north western railway in 1881.This railway station is located at 33km from Gorla Railway junction.Fateh Jang Railway Station is a very beautiful and clean Railway Station. There is first class and second class passenger room on this Railway Station. These passenger rooms were built during the British period. The first class passenger room is converted in to a museum which has beautiful sofas and there other old artifixs in that museum.

There is also a model of Fateh Jang railway Station and it looks very beautiful. Museum has some pictures on the wall including Attock Khurd and Islamabad Covering Bridge and the passenger compartment also has old pots and old lamps. There is also a very beautiful waterfall at this railway station which offers very attractive scenery. There is also a weighing fork at Fateh Jang station; this was built in London in 1907.

There are big trees on this railway station which bring comfort to the passengers and add to the beauty of Fateh Jang Railway Station. There is an arrow on the front of the building of this railway station which indicates the direction of Qibla. Fateh Jang Railway also has the traditional red color buckets which of filled with sand and water to extinguish the fire.

The Fateh Jang Railway station has many rooms including ticket ghar and station master office .There is also lamp room at this Railway Station also known as batti godam. There is a small cafeteria at the railway station. There is a signal system installed on one side of the building of the Fateh Jang railway station which is changed shortly before the arrival of the train.

This station has a board outside the platform informing the driver to stop here so that all the coaches are on the platform. As any other beautiful Railway Station you can see the big trees and flower plant at this Fateh Jang Railway Station.

For the interest of the people, thela has also been placed at Fateh Jang Railway Station .This thela was used to inspect the railway lines in the olden days. The inspector would sit on this thela and some people would push him and he would walk at a high speed. Then they would sit up.

Trains that stop at this Station

Train Name FatehjangArrival Time FatehjangDeparture Time
133UP – Kohat Express 16:30 16:32
134DN – Kohat Express 11:05 11:07
127UP – Mehr Express 6:17 6:19
128DN – Mehr Express 18:00 18:02

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