Attock Kurd Railway Station

Attock Khurd Railway Station is located near the old Attock Bridge on the main Railway line. This Railway Station is very old. Attock Railway Station was built around 1884 during the British rule. This station also has a history of more than a century.
It is still there in its original shape. In March 2007 this station was redecorated and due to this the Station has became a good tourist to spot for tourists. This Railway Station enhances the beauty of Attock. Attock is the 61st largest city in Pakistan in terms of population. This Railway Station is
Located near the river Indus. Attock Khurd Railway Station is also called the border of Punjab because its Railway line connects KPk and Punjab. Attock Railway Station is built with beautiful stones and colors of railway station along with the beautiful benches occurred line and the mountain around it along with the river that is passing by adds to the beauty of this Railway Station.

Attock Khurd Railway Station is one of the five most beautiful railway stations in Asia. It is considered the most beautiful Railway Station in Pakistan. The British built this Station to expand their state to Afghanistan. The track of this railway was extended from Peshawar to Afghanistan. The special thing about this place is that in addition to connecting two provinces, two districts are also connected. When two types of water meet in the Indus River that makes beautiful seen. There are no hotels or restaurant near this station and keep it in mind take your own food with you.

Tourists come here from far and wide and walk on the bridge to see the sights. The bridge near this Station has two levels. The upper level is used for trains and the lower level is used for vehicular traffic.
But now, after the construction of two other bridges 2.5 km over the river, it is now used only for bicycles and pedestrians. The view of the river from this height, passing through the rocky terrain is simply breathtaking. Apart from this another beauty of this station is its small museum with many old gadgets which are useful in communication or running the railway work. One of the prominent items there is a model Railway engine, which is an attraction for children. This Railway Station is also famous for its strategic location on the river Indus. Shayanshah Akbar built a strong fort at the point to control Kars Point in case of any attack from the north-west. The Station is located just 300 meters from the river Indus. You can reach the fort from the GT road, which is 4 km away. There is a gate and an army check post at the beginning of the GT road. The road to the Railway Station passes near the fort. This is a military area and no photography is allowed there.

There are two main lines of Attock Khurd Railway Station and there is a third line as well, but it is limited here in the mountain, where one train is stopped, and another train continues to pass.

And the other lines go to Peshawar and Karachi ,Islamabad, Multan etc
These days an Attock safari train runs from pindi till Attock Kurd railway station for tourist and its run every Sunday.

No Train stop at that station. Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
14DN – Awam Express Jahangira Road 9:21 9:23
13UP – Awam Express Attock City 14:35 14:40
40DN – Jaffar Express Jahangira Road 7:57 7:59
39UP – Jaffar Express Attock City 16:13 16:15
2DN – Khyber Mail Jahangira Road 23:03 23:05
1UP – Khyber Mail Attock City 3:18 3:22
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Attock City 11:24 11:26
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Jahangira Road 12:03 12:05

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