Chauntra Railway Station

Chauntra railway station is located in Punjab in district Attock. This railway station was built in 1880s during British era. Chauntra railway station is small railway station but it’s still present in its old shape .This railway station is located in a populated area. Chauntra Railway Station is located between Gagan Railway Station and Kahal Railway Station .This railway station also has different rooms, that include Station Master Office, Batti Godam (Lamp Room) tickets ghar and Passenger waiting area.

A special feature of this railway station is that it also has an old hand pump which was used in earlier time and operated by two men together but now only this pump is not operational .

There are various types of trees around this railway station which add to its beauty .There is an arrow on the front of the chauntra railway station building which indicates the direction of Qibla.
Currently, no train stops at this railway station, but a few trains passes through here.

Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival
133UP – Kohat Express Fatehjang 16:30
134DN – Kohat Express Kahal 10:25
127UP – Mehr Express Basaal Sharif 5:37
128DN – Mehr Express Fatehjang 18:00

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