Namal Railway Station Attock

Namal Railway Station is a small but beautiful Railway Station of District Attock that resides on main line 2. This station comes after Domel Railway Station. As you go toward either Jand from Pindi or Attock you pass from this railway station. Here you can see a small but beautiful Namal Railway Station Building.Its built like a typical railway station of British era.

Namal Railway Station height from sea level is 1200 feet and its distance from SherShah Junction is 452Km.
Its surrounded by different kind of trees and looks beautiful and calm place. You will find beautiful benches of old Railway here. On this particular station i see benches in different colors of blue, green and brown. Cemented bench of North Westron Railway also present here. It has a lengthy platform equally placed on both sides of the building, decorated with trees, benches and flowers.
Main building has Kalima Taeyyaba written on it with green and white. HSL and Distance are mentioned on the front. Near by you will see Water pump, Lamp room, Signals, An old light, Bell to sound alarm for trains arrival.

Its an old well at Namal Railway station, called Khirni in local language.People turn it by hand to take the water out.Its not functional at the moment.There is roap attached, that gets circled around khirni when we move it, take water out and then just leave it so it turns back.
These kind of wells were commmon during british era, as new technologies cam along people stopped using these.

Nammal Railway Station is located at Attock city, Attock District in Punjab province . Following trains stops at this railway station : 202DN – Attock Passenger201UP – Attock Passenger204DN – Jand Passenger and 203UP – Jand Passenger.

Following trains passes through Nammal railway station but does not stops here: 133UP – Kohat Express134DN – Kohat Express127UP – Mehr Express and 128DN – Mehr Express.

I have spent a lot of time at the station, quietly sitting, walk etc. At the end I met with Assistant Station Master Ilyas Khattab sb and had a good productive chat with him. I gave a Book “Raudad Rail ki” by Fazal ur Rehman sb as gift to Namal Railway station and left with good memories till next time.

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