Hattar Railway Station

Hattar railway station is located in a village in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1913 during the British rule. This railway station is located on the main line, this station is located on the Taxila-Khunjarab branch line. The height of Hattar railway station is about 1611 feet above sea level. Hattar Railway Station is located between Mohra Shah Wali and Kot Najibullah Railways.

Hattar is one of the 44 union councils, administrative sub-divisions of Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is located south of the district capital Haripur and is adjacent to Tehsil Taxila of Punjab province.

Hattar Kot is located at a distance of about 16 km from Najibullah. It was established in 1985-86 on a total land area of ​​1032 acres (km24.18), with about 400 operational units mainly in foodstuff, textiles, crockery, cement, chemical rubber, carpets and leather. Contains products. It is served by Hattar Railway Station. Hattar Railway Station is an abaonden railway station, the building of this railway station was constructed with stone bricks. There are many rooms in this railway station building including station master office, ticket ghar and waiting room etc. but at present this station building is in dilapidated condition. There is a plaque attached to the building of this railway station, on which Hattar is written, it is also very difficult to see. At Hattar Railway Station, apart from a station building, nothing related to the railway station is visible. There is no platform at this railway station and there is a main line from this railway station and the line is also a little far and deep from the building which is not seen standing near the station building. There is a lot of population around this railway station, and there are some trees around this railway station, including berry and tali. There is no train stop on Hattar Railway, but many trains pass here.

No Train stop at that station. Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
12DN – Hazara Express Kot Najib Ullah 15:16 15:18
11UP – Hazara Express Taxila Cantt 12:44 12:46

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