Gujrat Railway Station

Gujarat railway station is located in Gujarat city in Gujarat district of Punjab province of Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1881 during the British era. Gujarat Railway Station is located on the main line, this railway station is located on the Karachi-Peshawar branch line. The height of this railway station is about 400 feet above sea level. Gujarat Railway Station is located after Daluna Jallianwala Railway Station.
It is the capital of Gujarat district and is the 17th largest city in Pakistan in terms of population. Gujarat Tehsil is divided into two circles, City Circle and Sadar Circle, City Circle (Head Office Gujarat City) Sadar Circle (Head Office Chalalpur Jattan). Gujarat is primarily an agro-based economy with some small scale industries. Gujarat is also known as the city of erstwhile King Porus. Gujarat is situated on the banks of river Chenab. It is located at a distance of about 120 km from Lahore and about 174 km from Islamabad. Gujarat is situated between two famous rivers, one is the Jhelum River and the other is the Chenab River. Due to its proximity to rivers, the cultivation of sugarcane and rice crops is good on its land.
Gujarat is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir to the north-east, the Jhelum River to the north-west, the Chenab River to the east and south-east, separating it from the districts of Gujranwala and Sialkot and Mandi Bahaulddin district to the west.

According to British historian General Cunningham, Gujarat was founded by Raja Bachanpal Garja in 460 BC. It is also a historical coincidence that it existed during the time of Alexander the Great. The city of Gujarat was established in the early 19th century after the British Empire with the support of regional feudal lords. In 947 AD, Sultan Mahmud of Ghaznavi captured the Ghaznavid Empire established by his father, Sultan Sebukatgin. The region of Punjab is mainly due to Muslim Sufi saints whose dargahs dot the landscape of the Punjab region.

Gujarat produces low temperature pottery and ceramic wares, hooks or water pipes, artistic handicrafts, flower pots, chungiris, cotton mats, and woolen shawls. Sohni Mahiwal is a famous folk tale of Punjab region.
Gujarat Railway Station is a very busy railway station, the building of this railway station is constructed of stone bricks and painted white. On the entrance gate of this railway station, Gujarat is written in black ink in Urdu and English, along with a board with Quranic verses written on it. This railway station building has many rooms including station master office, ticket ghar, waiting room and information inquiry office. Gujarat railway station building also has large beautiful dots made of stone. This railway station has three platforms out of which two are functional and one is non-functional. Sheds have been built on the platform of this railway station and iron and wooden benches have been placed under it. This railway station has two lines, one is the main line and the other is the loop line. An iron bridge has also been constructed at the Gujarat railway station which is used to cross from one platform to another platform. There are also big banyan trees on the platform of this railway station and there are also small shops where food and drinks are easily available. There is a lot of population around this railway station. Many trains pass through this railway station and some trains also stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name GujratArrival Time GujratDeparture Time
14DN – Awam Express 15:37 15:39
13UP – Awam Express 9:14 9:16
40DN – Jaffar Express 13:28 13:30
39UP – Jaffar Express 10:45 10:47
2DN – Khyber Mail 4:58 5:00
1UP – Khyber Mail 22:13 22:15
102DN – Subak Raftar 9:56 9:58
103UP – Subak Kharam 18:16 18:18
101UP – Subak Raftar 8:49 8:51
46DN – Pakistan Express 9:14 9:16
45UP – Pakistan Express 11:49 11:51
104DN – Subak Kharam 19:54 19:56
8DN – Tezgam 11:10 11:12
7UP – Tezgam 15:07 15:09
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express 16:40 16:41
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express 16:10 16:12
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
5UP – Green Line Lahore Jn. 14:15 14:50
6DN – Green Line ChaK Lala 15:50 15:52
108DN – Islamabad Express ChaK Lala 18:08 18:10
107UP – Islamabad Express Lahore Jn. 18:00
106DN – Rawal Express Rawalpindi 00:30
105UP – Rawal Express Lahore Jn. 00:30
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Wazirabad Jn 6:15 6:17
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Lala Musa Jn. 16:52 16:54
129Up-Thall Express Multan Cantt 800

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