Pir Piai Railway Station

Pir Piai Railway Station is located in Pir Piai, a village in Nowshera District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1886 during the British rule. This railway station is located on Karachi Peshawar main line. The height of Peer Piai railway station is about 299 meters above sea level. Peer Piai Railway Station is located between Khushal Kot Railway Station and Pabi Railway Station.

The population of Pir Piai village is about 35000. The literacy rate of Peer Piai is 92 percent while the average literacy rate of Pakistan is 92 percent. It is on GT Road, 8 km from Nowshera Cantonment towards Peshawar. Most of the villages are rural workers, who are adding to the work pool through government services and self-employment. A large number of people from Pir Piai village are working abroad and adding to the national exchequer. The village is rich in producing educated and professional class like engineers, doctors, armed forces officers, civil servants, professors etc.

Pir Piai Railway Station is a small and beautiful railway station. This railway station has a small building constructed of stone bricks and painted white. There are few rooms in this railway station which include station master office, ticket house, waiting room and light warehouse etc. On the front side of the building of this railway station, Pir Piai is written in black ink in Urdu and English. Kalma Tayyaba is beautifully written in the center of the building of this railway station. The flag of Pakistan has also been hoisted on the roof of the building of Pir Piai Railway Station, which adds to the glory of this railway station. A red stand is also placed in the building of this railway station on which are hung red buckets filled with sand and water which are used to extinguish the fire. This railway station also has a weighing scale which is very old i.e. built during the British period.

A bell is also hung at this railway station which is rung shortly before the arrival of the train. Next to the main building of this railway station, there is also a room of lamp warehouse, where old lamps and old lights and iron chains etc. are kept. Some flower plants have also been planted in front of the building of Peer Piai Railway Station and the beds have also been made around them which are painted white which looks very beautiful. There are a lot of trees around this railway station including some white trees and other small shade trees which are painted white on the lower part. On one side of this railway station building, large gardens have been built which are painted white and planted with grass and flowers, they present a very attractive sight. This railway station has a single platform and two lines pass through this railway station, one is the main line and the other is the loop line. There is also some population around this railway station and GT road is also nearby. A lot of trains pass through Pir Piai railway station, but no train stops here.

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