Sulman abad Railway Station

Sulaimanabad Railway Station is located in Tehsil Jand of the District Attock. This Railway Station was built by the British government around 1885. The Station building is small and has only a couple of rooms.

This Railway Station is also built with old and strong bricks. The walls of this Station are painted white. Has been done Sulaimanabad Railway Station is located between the mountains and there are different types of trees on the surrounding mountains.

This Railway Station is located between Jhalar and Basal Junction Railway Station. There are also seven sister tunnels on the way. There is no Station master at this Railway Station, only a local man comes at train timings and issues tickets

. A small shed is built for passengers at this railway station and Cement benches are placed around it. A small mosque has also been built near this Railway Station where locals and travelers offer prayers. Many trains pass through this station but some trains stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name SulaimanabadArrival Time SulaimanabadDeparture Time
202DN – Attock Passenger 16:38 16:39
201UP – Attock Passenger 6:49 6:50
204DN – Jand Passenger 11:36 11:37
203UP – Jand Passenger 13:59 14:00

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