Chhab Railway Station

Chhab railway station is located in Chhab village of Jand Tehsil of Attock district of Punjab province. This railway station was built in the British government. Chhab railway station is a good station neither small nor big.

This railway station is the population of Chhab village is located nearby. Chub Railway Station is located between Jhamat Railway Station and Khattakabad Railway Station

Chhab railway station building has many rooms including station master and ticket house etc. The station is surrounded by green grass and trees and rocky ground around it. Tuck shop at Chhab railway station while also which provides food and drinks for passengers and railway employees?

A mosque has also been built near this station. At Chub railway stations, wooden benches are placed and red buckets are also hung in which sand and water are filled to extinguish the fire.

In front of Chub railway station building there is a weighbridge which is very old. Many trains pass through this station but only 5 up and down stops.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name ChhabArrival Time ChhabDeparture Time
202DN – Attock Passenger 18:35 18:36
201UP – Attock Passenger 4:57 4:58
127UP – Mehr Express 3:30 3:32
128DN – Mehr Express 20:29 20:31
129Up-Thall Express 18:13 18:14

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