Multan Railway Cantt Station

Multan Railway Cantt Station, also known as Multan Cantonment Station, is a significant railway station in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the Cantonment area of Multan and serves as a gateway to the city and its surrounding regions.

The station was established during the British colonial era and played a critical role in the transportation of goods and people to and from Multan. It underwent several renovations and upgrades over the years to meet the growing demand for railway services.

Multan Railway Cantt Station is now a modern railway hub that connects Multan to other important cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, and Rawalpindi. The station has multiple platforms and a spacious waiting area to accommodate the large number of passengers who use it daily. It also has modern facilities such as clean restrooms, food and beverage stalls, and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing passengers with a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

The station is not only a transport hub but also a significant commercial center. It has a dedicated cargo terminal and handling facilities that cater to the transportation of goods between different cities in Pakistan. The station’s strategic location and connectivity to other parts of the country make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to transport their products across the country.

Multan Railway Cantt Station has played a crucial role in the economic development of Multan and its surrounding regions. The station has provided access to transportation services to the people, enabling them to access markets, education, healthcare, and employment opportunities in other parts of the country.

The station is also a significant landmark in Multan’s history and cultural heritage. Its colonial-style architecture and imposing façade are a testament to its rich history and cultural significance. Multan Railway Cantt Station has witnessed the city’s evolution over the years, from being a small trading center to a bustling metropolis. Today, it stands as a symbol of Multan’s progress and development, connecting the city to the rest of Pakistan.

Multan Railway Cantt Station is a critical transport and commercial hub in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. It connects Multan to other important cities in the country, providing access to transportation services to the people and supporting the economic development of the region. Its modern facilities, strategic location, and rich history make it an essential landmark in Multan’s cultural heritage. Multan Railway Cantt Station is a gateway to Southern Punjab and a vital part of Pakistan’s transport infrastructure.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Multan CanttArrival Time Multan CanttDeparture Time
14DN – Awam Express 0:55 1:03
13UP – Awam Express 0:35 0:43
40DN – Jaffar Express 21:20 21:40
39UP – Jaffar Express 2:35 2:55
16DN – Karachi Express 21:53 21:58
15UP – Karachi Express 5:15 5:20
2DN – Khyber Mail 13:35 14:00
1UP – Khyber Mail 13:15 13:40
44DN – Shah Hussain Express 1:15 1:35
43UP – Shah Hussain Express 8:00 8:20
28DN – Shalimar Express 12:00 12:05
27UP – Shalimar Express 19:15 19:20
47UP – Rehman Baba Express 23:05 23:25
48DN – Rehman Baba Express 0:10 0:30
33UP – Pak Business Express 4:45 5:05
34DN – Pak Business Express 20:35 20:55
127UP – Mehr Express 17:00
128DN – Mehr Express 7:35
26DN – Bahauddin Zakria Express 16:00
25UP – Bahauddin Zakria Express 10:35
12DN – Hazara Express 6:35 7:05
11UP – Hazara Express 22:05 22:35
116DN – Musa Pak Express 5:05
115UP – Musa Pak Express 16:00
46DN – Pakistan Express 17:10 17:35
45UP – Pakistan Express 3:05 3:30
8DN – Tezgam 18:35 18:55
7UP – Tezgam 7:10 7:30
129Up-Thall Express 800
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
5UP – Green Line Bahawalpur 9:12 9:14
6DN – Green Line Khanewal Jn 23:45 0:05
42DN – Karakoram Express Khanewal Jn 19:40 20:00
41UP – Karakoram Express Rohri Jn 21:55 22:20
31UP – Jinnah Express Rohri Jn 21:25 21:45
32DN – Jinnah Express Khanewal Jn 18:05 18:25
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express Bahawalpur 8:13 8:15
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express Khanewal Jn 22:45 23:05

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