Baddomalhi Railway Station

Baddomalhi Railway Station is a railway station located in the district of Jhang in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the most important railway stations in the area, serving as a major transportation hub for the local community. The station is well equipped with modern facilities and amenities, making it a convenient and comfortable place for travelers to wait for their trains.

The station has a long history, dating back to the early 20th century when the first trains began operating in the region. Over the years, the station has undergone several upgrades and renovations, and it now boasts a modern design and infrastructure. The station has several platforms for trains to stop at, and it is also equipped with a spacious waiting area for passengers.

One of the key features of Baddomalhi Railway Station is its easy accessibility. The station is located near several major roads and highways, making it convenient for travelers to reach by car or public transportation. Additionally, the station is well-connected to other parts of the country, with several daily trains running to and from major cities such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

In terms of amenities, the station has several facilities to cater to the needs of travelers. There is a refreshment room where travelers can purchase food and drinks, as well as several shops selling snacks and other items. The station also has a number of restrooms, providing a convenient and comfortable place for travelers to freshen up before continuing their journey.

In conclusion, Baddomalhi Railway Station is an important transportation hub in the region, offering travelers a convenient and comfortable place to wait for their trains. With its easy accessibility and modern facilities, the station is a great place for travelers to pass through on their journeys.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name BaddomalhiArrival Time BaddomalhiDeparture Time
10DN – Allama Iqbal Express 9:54 9:56
9UP – Allama Iqbal Express 12:18 12:20
209UP – Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger 20:47 20:49
210DN – Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger 6:06 6:08
125UP – Lasani Express 17:21 17:23
126DN – Lasani Express 7:46 7:48
211UP – Narowal Passenger 10:47 10:49
212DN – Narowal Passenger 17:16 17:18

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