Train Turn Table

In rail terms, a railway turntable is usually a device for turning locomotives so that they can be moved back in the direction from which they came. This turntable is especially used in areas where there are economic considerations or lack of space. In the case of steam locomotives, railways needed a way to reverse the engine because these consoles were often not configured for long periods of running in reverse and many locomotives had a low top speed in reverse motion, used to be In the case of diesel engines, although they can be driven in most directions, the front end and the rear end are often determined by the location of the crankshaft. If I explain the train turntable in simple words, the train engine is used to change the direction and the turntables are of two types.

(1) Manual train turntable (2) Automatic train turntable.

(1) A manual train turntable is the one on which the train engine is placed on the table and then some men hold the handle next to it and push it and the table rotates, the direction of the engine changes.

An automatic train turntable is a turntable on which a train engine is placed and automatically rotates.



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