Sadik Abad Railway Station

Sadikabad Railway Station is a railway station located in Sadikabad, Pakistan. The station serves as an important stop for both passenger and freight trains, connecting the city to other major destinations in the country.

The station was originally built in the colonial era, and has undergone several renovations and upgrades in the decades since. The most recent renovation was completed in 2018, and included the construction of new platforms, the installation of modern lighting and signage, and the upgrading of the station’s facilities.

One of the most notable features of Sadikabad Railway Station is its historical significance. The station was built during the British Raj, and played a key role in the country’s transportation infrastructure during that time. It also served as a major hub for troops during World War II.

Today, the station is an important transportation hub for the city of Sadikabad and the surrounding area. It serves as a starting point for many long-distance trains, as well as a stop for local trains that connect the city to other towns and cities in the region.

The station is also equipped with modern facilities to make the journey of passengers more comfortable. There are waiting rooms, ticket counters, and food stalls available for the passengers. In addition, the station also has a parking area for the convenience of passengers who are travelling by car.

Overall, Sadikabad Railway Station is an important transportation hub that plays a vital role in connecting the city to other destinations in the country. With its historical significance and modern facilities, it offers a convenient and comfortable journey for passengers.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name SadiqabadArrival Time SadiqabadDeparture Time
10DN – Allama Iqbal Express 21:22 21:24
9UP – Allama Iqbal Express 0:19 0:21
14DN – Awam Express 6:00 6:02
13UP – Awam Express 19:19 19:21
40DN – Jaffar Express 1:52 1:54
39UP – Jaffar Express 22:06 22:08
2DN – Khyber Mail 18:33 18:35
1UP – Khyber Mail 8:03 8:05
38DN – Fareed Express 19:45 19:47
26DN – Bahauddin Zakria Express 20:58 21:00
25UP – Bahauddin Zakria Express 4:30 4:32
37UP – Fareed Express 6:47 6:49
12DN – Hazara Express 11:58 12:00
11UP – Hazara Express 16:41 16:43
46DN – Pakistan Express 22:00 22:02
45UP – Pakistan Express 22:28 22:30
18DN – Millat Express 23:34 23:36
17UP – Millat Express 2:08 2:10
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
5UP – Green Line Rohri Jn 4:30 4:50
6DN – Green Line Bahawalpur 1:21 1:23
16DN – Karachi Express Bahawalpur 23:16 23:20
15UP – Karachi Express Rohri Jn 23:05 23:30
42DN – Karakoram Express Khanewal Jn 19:40 20:00

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