Pind Sultani Railway station

Pind Sultani Railway Station board

Pind Sultani Railway Station is located in Pind Sultani village of Jand Tehsil of Attock district of Punjab. Pind Sultani railway station is an artificial railway station which is built in fields. This railway station was built by a young man of Pind Sultani village under his own help which was built in 2020.

Pind Sultani(_)Railway(_)Station(_)water

This railway station is very beautiful because there are many and different types of trees around it, besides there are many fruit and flower plants planted at the station which add to its beauty. The waterfall that has been built at Pind sultani railway station is very beautiful and when the water is coming down from the top, it is a very attractive sight that the tourists enjoy.

Pind sultani(_)railway station(_)front

The building of Pind Sultani railway station is small and window has been installed of the ticket ghar and this railway station is built in the same style as a other railway station. History of Pakistan Railways and ticket rates etc are written on its building. Red buckets containing sand and water are also hung on this railway station is filled which is used to extinguish the fire. Pind sultani railway station has very beautiful benches made of cement and wood.

Earlier there was no such tourist spot in the village of Pind Sultani Railway Station but now the artificial railway station has become a tourist spot for the people of the surrounding areas as well
. A small museum is also being built inside this railway station. The  include models of railway engines, models of trains,  and  etc. In addition to these, boxes related to the railway station are also kept. Due to the non-possibility of railway tracks, only cement tracks have been laid. This railway station is located a few meters along Pind Sultani Domel Road, near Pind Sultani Police check  post.

Pind Sultani(_)Railway(_)Station(_)AREA

Pind Sultani Railway Station is a tourist destination and for its pleasure since it has been built, no trains pass through this station.

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