Kot Najibullah Railway Station

Kot Najibullah Railway Station is located in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1913 under the British government. This railway station is located on the main line i.e. ML1, this station has a main line and a loop line. The elevation of Kot Najibullah railway station is about 1710 feet above sea level.Kot Najibullah Railway Station is located between Haripur Railway Station and Taxila Railway Station. The distance from Kot Najibullah Railway Station to Peshawar is about 150 km.
This railway station looks a little strange from the outside, but when you enter the station, it is a very beautiful railway station. The building of this railway station is painted white and on the wall in front of the building the quote Najibullah is written in Urdu and English in black ink.

If you want to go to Kot Najibullah railway station, you can get a ticket of 10 rupees from the same station, which belongs to the same station, and then you can visit the platform. There are few rooms inside the building of this railway station which include the station master office, ticket house and batti warehouse etc. From this railway station, if you come towards the outside platform, there are gardens of flowers and other plants on both sides of the building. The beauty of this railway station is the plants and other plants along with the cypress trees besides fruit trees in which Lamon, orange and loquat plants are also planted and the brick beds are also made around them which are painted white. have been done which present a most charming view, and contribute highly to the beauty of the station. The beauty of Kot Najibullah Railway Station is the artificial Minar Pakistan built in the plant garden of the building here, the lower surface of which is painted green and the upper surface is white, and the flag of Pakistan is also placed on it and lights are also installed in it. He praises the beauty of this station. Wooden benches are also placed on the platform at this railway station. If you go to the other side of the lines of this railway station, there is a small hill which you can climb to get a very good view of the station.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Kot Najib UllahArrival Time Kot Najib UllahDeparture Time
267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger 9:23 9:24
268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger 18:22 18:23
12DN – Hazara Express 15:16 15:18
11UP – Hazara Express 13:26 13:28

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