Haripur Hazara Railway Station

Haripur Hazara railway station is located in Haripur Hazara in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1913 during by British era. This railway station is located on the main line ML1, this station has three lines, one is the main line, the second is the loop line, and the third is the line on which a train breaks down. Haripur Hazara Railway Station is located between Kot Najibullah Railway Station and Sarai Saleh Railway Station. The distance of this railway station from this railway station to Peshawar is about 125 km.

Haripur was once the official name of Haripur Hazara and was the Hazara capital until 1853, when the new capital Abbottabad was created. Punjab was annexed by the British Indian Empire in March 1849. The city was named after Hari Singh Naloh. Haripur Hazara Railway Station is a very big and beautiful railway station. There are many rooms in the building of this railway station which include station master office, ticket ghar, light warehouse and parcel room etc. In the lamp warehouse room there are old lamps, lots and old iron chains etc. in this room. The goods that come and go in the parcel warehouse room are kept in this room. This railway station building also houses a weighing machine which is used to weigh the luggage of passengers.

The beramda in front of the railway station building also has many flower pots with different types of plants which are kept by the station master himself. If you go towards the platform of this railway station, wooden and iron benches are also placed there for the passengers and a shed is also built above them and fans are also installed in the shed for the comfort of the passengers. This platform also has a signal lever on one side which does the signal up and down .

If you go to the platform of Haripur Hazara railway station, you will see a lush garden and such a plant garden is rarely found anywhere in the station, there are many plants planted in this garden, including flowers and fruit plants. Among them there are lemon, orange, nispero, guava, olive and pomegranate plants, in addition to them there are also king mulberry and other trees. The garden that has been built at this station has been built by the station master himself and he bears the expenses himself. If you go to the other side of this railway station, there are very big banyan trees, washrooms are also built there, which are separate for male and female. There is a lot of greenery around Hari Hazara railway station and It is really Haripur.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Haripur HazaraArrival Time Haripur HazaraDeparture Time
267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger 9:45 9:50
268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger 17:57 18:02
12DN – Hazara Express 14:55 14:57
11UP – Hazara Express 13:45 13:47
About Haripur Hazara Railway Station

Haripur Hazara Railway Station is located at Haripur city, Haripur District in KPK province . Following trains stops at this railway station : 267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger12DN – Hazara Express and 11UP – Hazara Express.

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