Baldher Railway Station

Baldher Railway Station is located in Baldher, a village in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. This railway station was built  during British era around 1913. This railway station is located on the main line, and there are three lines, one is the main line and the other is the loop line and the third is the line on which a car has to stop in case of breakdown. Use it. This railway station is located on Taxila to Havelian branch line. Baldher Railway Station is located between Sarai Saleh Railway Station and Havelian Railway Station, the distance from this railway station to Havelian is about 8 km. Baldher railway station is about 727 meters above sea level. Baldher railway station is about 150 meters from GT road, near this railway station is Karakorum highway.

Baldher Railway Station is a very beautiful railway station. The building of this railway station is also built on a very beautiful design, there are few rooms in this building which include station master office, ticket ghar, waiting room and batti godam etc. The building of this railway station is painted white and “Baldher” is written in black ink on its front in Urdu and English. In front of the Baldher Railway Station, the terraces that have been constructed are also very attractive, with flower pots placed there. A lot of flower plants have been planted outside the building of Baldher Railway Station and besides these, many small and big plants have also been planted. At this railway station, a fence has also been made with plants, which looks very beautiful, and flower plants have also been planted between them. In front of the Station Master’s office at Baldher Railway Station there are also many flower pots and flowering vines which form a terrace which looks very attractive.At this railway station, which looks so beautiful that greenery and flowers are included everywhere, according to one information, all this work is being done on the wish of the station master of this railway station, this station master says that I He likes flowers and plants, and he said that in 2014, Kot Najibullah was also at the railway station, so he had decorated it with flowers and other plants.

At this railway station there is an iron stand on which are hung red buckets filled with sand and water which are used to extinguish fires. Baldher railway station has cement and wooden benches for passengers which looks very nice. At this railway station, clean water has been arranged for the railway employees and passengers, and a small cement tank has also been constructed. There was only one train stop at Baldher railway station some time ago, but when the Minister of Railways Mr. Azim Swati visited Haripur in 2019, he was requested that the area here is quite large, so more trains should be stopped, and he agreed. did it. According to the station master of this railway station, Pakistan Ministry of Railways gets a lot of income from this small station.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name BalderArrival Time BalderDeparture Time
267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger 10:30 10:31
268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger 17:18 17:19
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
12DN – Hazara Express Havelian 14:00
11UP – Hazara Express Haripur Hazara 13:45 13:47

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