Nankana Sahab Railway Station

This railway station was built around 1928 under the British government. It was connected to other cities of the Indian Empire through the North Western Railway Station. Nankana Sahib Railway Station is located on the main line of Pakistan Railway Station, and is connected to the entire country by railway lines throughout Pakistan.

Nankana Sahib Railway Station has a wide area and as soon as you enter from the main gate, a beautiful mosque has been built in front and there is a large parking lot on the left side of it. This railway station has been built for special pilgrims who come from India to Pakistan to visit Baba Guru Nanak etc.

Nankana Sahib Railway Station the Sikh community also completed this station with financial assistance and also Sikh community come to Pakistan from India because their Guru Nanak had a court here and Guru Nanak was born on 15 April 1469 in Delhi.

And died on 22 September 1539 in Kartarpur. Sikhs come to this station and have their Darbar at Nankana and also a Gurdwara Panjha Sahab at Hasan Abdal.

This railway station has been completed by the end of 2021 itself and has been beautifully designed.

Inside the main building of Nankana Sahib Railway Station, when entering the main gate, Nankana Sahib Railway Station is beautifully written in English and Urdu and the main gate has a very beautiful design along with the name of the Pakistan Railways monogram. Installed which looks great.

Nankana Sahib Railway Station building is also big and has many rooms including Station Master Office, Ticket ghar, and T.C.R Room and Waiting Hall etc. There is also a police post next to the mosque of this station. Due to the wide parking lot of this station, children usually play cricket here.

The ticket office of Nankana Sahib Railway Station is also quite large and has three windows so that when the Sikh community comes, it gets very crowded. Very good brick has been used in the building of this railway station and the roof of this building is of lanter.

There are two platforms at Nankana Sahib Railway Station, Platform No. 1 is just in front of the main building and wooden benches are placed on this platform for passengers and a shed is also built and levers are installed under this shed. From which singles are downloaded.

The platform of this station is built quite high and the train that comes stops next to it and the passengers get off easily, on one side of this platform there is a water tank made of cement which is quite big and also ancient.

There are many trees on the other side of the platform of this railway station which play an important role in the beauty of this station. Many trains pass at Nankana Sahib railway station as this station is located on the main line but few trains stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Nankana SahabArrival Time Nankana SahabDeparture Time
121UP – Ravi Express 6:15 6:17
122DN – Ravi Express 17:25 17:27

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