Rawalpindi Railway Station

Rawalpindi railway station is located in Saddar area of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. This railway station was built in the year 1881 by the British Government. Rawalpindi Railway Station is located on the main line ML1.

The height from sea level of this railway station is about 1994 feet. Rawalpindi Railway Station is a very big railway station because this station is main station and lots of train and passengers passing. This railway station has five platforms. This railway station is located near Saddar Bazar and is also a very beautiful railway station. When you enter the Rawalpindi railway station, there is a model of a black locomotive in front of it, which is a narrow gauge 1932 steam locomotive no 203.

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Also on the other side there is a small park which is fenced with plants and also has flower plants and artificial grass which gives a very beautiful view. There is also an head office in Rawalpindi of Pakistan Railway. If we talk about the rooms of Rawalpindi railway station, then they are lots of rooms.

The building of this railway station is very big and its rooms have pictures of this railway station from 1984 and 1986.There many shops at this railway station. This railway station also has a tuck shop and a railway restaurant which offers many things to the passengers Burgers etc. are easily available at this station.

In Rawalpindi Railway Station, a room has been earmarked for information office where passengers can get train information. When you enter the building of Rawalpindi Railway Station, you will see the iron benches which are attached to the pillars along the roof of the building.

At this railway station, very beautiful marble chips have been installed on the floor inside the building and special care is taken to keep it clean. Rawalpindi railway station also has a  iron bridge  and if you go towards this bridge you will see another room which is old and quite big it used to be opened during the railway pension days and the employees were given salaries and pensions but now it is not known whether it is still open or not.

If you go to the bridge and go over it and look to the left and right, you can see trains everywhere. You will also see old locomotives which are old and not running and if you cross this bridge, on the other side you will see quarters for railway employees which were built in very old times.

The quarters are in good condition and some of the buildings are in bad condition but all of them are inhabited and have a police station known a name of Railway police station and a Government Girls High School. This railway station has quite a large area and if you go towards platform number five from the main building of this railway station, there is a mosque and also a workshop where a stall and a motor trolley are also seen which were used in the old days.

Rawalpindi railway station is located between Sahala railway station and Noor Junction railway station. If you start your train journey from Rawalpindi railway station towards Kohat, then the first station is Noor Junction railway station. At this railway station, trains from Karachi, Lahore, Multan and many other places come and stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name RawalpindiArrival Time RawalpindiDeparture Time
14DN – Awam Express 11:50 12:15
13UP – Awam Express 12:30 12:55
5UP – Green Line 19:20 19:40
6DN – Green Line 15:20 15:40
108DN – Islamabad Express 17:40 18:00
107UP – Islamabad Express 22:30
40DN – Jaffar Express 10:15 10:40
39UP – Jaffar Express 14:25 14:50
2DN – Khyber Mail 1:25 1:50
1UP – Khyber Mail 1:25 1:55
106DN – Rawal Express 00:30
105UP – Rawal Express 04:50
102DN – Subak Raftar 7:00
103UP – Subak Kharam 21:35
101UP – Subak Raftar 11:55
47UP – Rehman Baba Express 9:30 9:50
48DN – Rehman Baba Express 14:10 14:30
133UP – Kohat Express 15:30
134DN – Kohat Express 12:15
127UP – Mehr Express 7:25
128DN – Mehr Express 17:00
267UP – Rawalpindi Passenger 7:45
268DN – Rawalpindi Passenger 20:05
12DN – Hazara Express 16:40 17:10
11UP – Hazara Express 11:35 12:05
46DN – Pakistan Express 6:00
45UP – Pakistan Express 15:15
104DN – Subak Kharam 16:30
8DN – Tezgam 8:00
7UP – Tezgam 18:45
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express 19:45
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express 13:30
129Up-Thall Express 22:20

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