Jhalar Railway Station


Jhalar Railway Station is located on the Attock City Junction to Basal Junction Railway Station track, in District Attock, Punjab. Jhalar Railway Station was built in 1891 during the British rule. This Railway Station is a small Railway Station. There is no population near this Railway Station but the neighboring villages that are around 4-5 kilometer distance those people use this Railway Station. Jhalar Railway Station is located between Kanjur Railway Station and Sulaiman Abad Railway Station. Jhalar has one of the most beautiful mountain passes with seven long tunnels. These seven long tunnels also unknown has seven sister tunnels. These tunnels were built between 1895-1897.

The total combined length of these tunnels is 3 km. The longest tunnel is this is probably the reason why these tunnels are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. , 1776 feet, 1131 feet, 1616 feet long while the length of the seventh tunnel is 1596 feet and other tunnel length is 892,1180,855. Two of these tunnels also have water fountains which are used by people.
This railway station is very beautiful railway station.As the train passes through the tunnel, it presents a breathtaking scene. Near the Jhalar Railway Station there is a bridge with water under it and trains passing over it which adds to the beauty of the Railway Station.

Jhalar Railway station is surrounded by mountains which offer attractive scenery to the tourists. There are green mountains around this Railway Station which adds to its beauty. This railway station has a station master’s room and a window from the same room is used for the ticket ghar. There is also a small passenger hall at Jhalar railway station. There are also some other rooms which include BATTI GODAM and store room. There are also white willows trees around this Railway Station. An iron fence has been installed around this station because of the high altitude of this station.
Earlier there was no water supply at Jhalar Railway Station but now it has been bored and installed. There is no electricity system at this Station so there using solar panel to get the basic needs.

There is Qibla direction arrow installed on the jhalar railway station. Bungalows were built on this Railway Station in the earlier period which now presents a view of ruins. From this Railway Station Many trains pass through but few stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name JhalarArrival Time JhalarDeparture Time
202DN – Attock Passenger 16:30 16:31
201UP – Attock Passenger 7:02 7:03
204DN – Jand Passenger 11:28 11:29
203UP – Jand Passenger 14:07 14:08

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