Kanjur Railway Station

Kanjur railway station is located in Attock district of Punjab. This Railway Station was built in 1990. This Railway Station is used to entertain local villagers and neighbors. Kanjur Railway Station is a small neo-demographic design based. This Railway Station has two rooms which belong to the local administration and serve as offices. This Railway Station also has Station master office. Kanjur Railway Station is a small and quiet Railway Station.  Like other Railway Stations, red buckets are hung on it, filled with sand, which is used to extinguish fires. Drinking water is kept in stands on the porch of this Station.

At Kanjur railway station, firewood Benches has been placed and there is an arrow on the front of the station which indicates the direction of Qibla. Small plants have also been planted in this railway station which makes the station look beautiful. Cots are placed in front of the ticket house of this railway station. There is also a small mosque at this railway station which was built by the station master himself the building was at some distance from the line but now it has been moved closer to the line in 1954.

There were railway quarters on the back side of this railway station but now they are uninhabited. Old lamps and lights etc. are kept. However, this railway station does No Train stop at that station. Trains that don’t stop   here not host any train at present. Some trains pass through this railway station which is as follows

Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
202DN – Attock Passenger Attock City 16:05
201UP – Attock Passenger Jhalar 7:02 7:03
204DN – Jand Passenger Attock City 11:00
203UP – Jand Passenger Jhalar 14:07 14:08


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