Hasan Abdal Railway Station

Hasan Abdal Railway Station is located in Hasan Abdal Tehsil of Attock District of Punjab Province, Pakistan. This railway station is located at a distance of about 40 km from the capital Islamabad. This railway station was built in 1893 during the British rule.

The height of this railway station is about 442 meters above sea level. Hasan Abdal Railway Station has been specially built for Sikhs because the Sikh community used to come to Pakistan once a year because Panja Sahib and Guru Nanak etc.

Hassan Abdal Railway Station is a historical city where the heritage of different eras of the past remains a focus for tourists, trade and tourism are the source of income of this city. Gurdwara Panja Sahib at Hasan Abdal Railway is an important place for the Sikh community. This railway station is a very big and beautiful railway station.

When you enter this station, you can see an old black engine in front of it. This color has been kept for the beauty of this station. In the center of the main building of Hasan Abdal Railway Station, it has a main gate which presents a very attractive sight. Hasan Abdal Railway Station is written in English along with the monogram of Pakistan Railways and above it.

The flag of Pakistan has also been put up. There are also very big old trees at this railway station which are about 150 years old. This railway station was first constructed in the same way as a normal station, later it was made spacious and beautiful for the Sikh community.

The building of this railway station is quite big and has many rooms including station master office, ticket ghar, ASM office, information office and waiting hall etc. Hasan Abdal railway station building is painted red from outside and Some places have been whitewashed, the inside of the station has been painted white and the pillars have been painted red which looks very beautiful.

A large waiting hall for passengers has been arranged at this station and cots have been installed for a large number of passengers. Hasan Abdal Railway Station was constructed at a cost of 260 million rupees for the operation of this railway station. The work was completed in 2020.

The important role in the beauty of this railway is its gates which look very beautiful. There is also a cafeteria inside the building of this railway station where food and drinks are easily available. Hasan Abdal railway station has a clean water tube well, and a large sewage plant has also been installed.

A 300 kv generator has also been kept to run the station’s system in case of power failure, a fire alarm system and a police post for security have also been built at this station. A large water tank has also been constructed in the area of ​​Hasan Abdal railway station, which is surrounded by lush greenery and looks beautiful.

Car parking for about 200 vehicles has also been arranged at this railway station. A lot of trains pass through Hasan Abdal railway station, but now only a few trains stop here.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Hasan AbdalArrival Time Hasan AbdalDeparture Time
14DN – Awam Express 10:48 10:50
13UP – Awam Express 14:00 14:02
129Up-Thall Express 21:18 21:20
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
40DN – Jaffar Express Attock City 8:35 8:37
39UP – Jaffar Express Rawalpindi 14:25 14:50
2DN – Khyber Mail Attock City 23:41 23:45
1UP – Khyber Mail Rawalpindi 1:25 1:55
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Rawalpindi 9:30 9:50
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Attock City 12:41 12:43

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