Wah Railway Station

Wah Railway Station is located in Tehsil Taxila, Rawalpindi District, Punjab Province, Pakistan. This railway station was built around 1909 during the British eraWah Railway Station is located on Main Line ML1. The distance of this railway station from Rawalpindi is about 48 km. The height of this railway station is about 457 meters above sea level.

There is also a military cantonment in Wah. It is located in the northwest of Islamabad. Wah is one of the oldest cities in Taxila, home to some of the world’s most important archaeological sites and the world’s first university.The name Wah has its roots in the Mughal era, the Mughal emperor Jahangir named it when he camped in the village of Wah on his way to Lahore after his visit to Kashmir.

The Pakistan Ordnance Factory Complex in Wah has 20 factories or industrial units manufacturing tanks and anti-aircraft ammunition. Wah Railway Station is a small station based on a small building. Wah railway station building has some rooms including station master office, ticket ghar, and waiting hall etc. At this railway station, inside the waiting gallery, red buckets are also hung on one side, filled with sand and water, which are used to extinguish the fire.

The building of this railway station is constructed of a solid brick and is painted white inside and out and “Wah” is written in Urdu and English on the outer tuff front of the building. Wah railway station is also almost the last station of Rawalpindi division. Tokens are also used at Wah Railway Station. There are many trees around this railway station and beautiful area.

There is a lot of population around the railway station and there are also houses of Pakistan Railways. There is only one platform at this railway station, and wooden benches are also placed around it.The plants that have been planted at the railway station are surrounded by a wooden fence. Since this railway station is on the main line, a lot of trains pass through this station but only a few trains stop at it.

No Train stop at that station. Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
14DN – Awam Express Hasan Abdal 10:48 10:50
13UP – Awam Express Taxila Cantt 13:30 13:32
40DN – Jaffar Express Attock City 8:35 8:37
39UP – Jaffar Express Rawalpindi 14:25 14:50
2DN – Khyber Mail Attock City 23:41 23:45
1UP – Khyber Mail Rawalpindi 1:25 1:55
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Rawalpindi 9:30 9:50
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Attock City 12:41 12:43

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