Mandira To Bhoun Railway Line

Two lines go ahead from Mandira Junction railway station, one from Lahore and the other from Chakwal to Bhoun railway station side. The line from Mandira to Bhoun is currently closed, however the lines have also been removed from there. This railway line was one of the many railway lines in Pakistan in the early period which were run across the country by Pakistan Railways. The total length of this line is about 75 km.

The railway lines between Mandira Junction and Bhoun railway station were laid in the late 20th century to transport goods from the mineral rich area of ​​Chakwal. These lines were laid between 1913 and 1916.

In 1993, the government shut down the 75-km long railway service as unprofitable, and in 1997, its tracks were demolished. According to a report, the scrap of this Railway line was sold at the rate of one and a half rupees per kg to Atafaq Foundry, but this allegation could not be verified by any impartial source. After the closure of the track, most of the Railway Stations and adjacent lands the mafia has closed its claws.

In Chakwal and Dhudial, the valuable Railway land worth billions of rupees is occupied by private and government institutions. Besides, the Railway Station buildings of Chakwal and Bhoun on the same line are also in a dilapidated condition.

In a function in 2007, the District Nazim appealed to Pervez Musharraf to restore the railway track from Mandira to Bhoun, on which the then Minister of Railways visited Chakwal on June 26, 2007, on the instructions of the former President and visited the railway ground. In the public meeting held at the meeting, he announced the re-laying of the railway line and on the same occasion, he also unveiled a plaque for the rehabilitation of the railway station track and said that 6 modern railway stations will be built on this route, but unfortunately the promises have not been fulfilled.

And the claims have not yet been fulfilled and the plaque at the station was torn down by unknown persons after this, the station land was sold, in which the Supreme Court decided the case in 2009 and issued an order not to acquire the government land and lay a new line. The line was visited but its restoration was not possible till date.

There are many railway stations between Mandira Junction Railway Station and Bhoun Railway Station.

*Tara garh
*Shuku chokwi
*Muradi janjil
*sudh bhudana
*syed kasran
*Chak norang

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