Langar Railway Station

Langar Railway Station is located in village Langar of Tehsil Jand of Attock District of Punjab. This Railway Station is a very old Railway Station. It was built around 1885 during the British rule. The building of this Railway Station is very beautiful. There are three rooms at this railway station, Station master office, Passenger room and ticket ghar etc.

The height from sea level (HSL) is 1551.28 feet .This Railway Station is a very beautiful Railway Station with green trees around it and special care is taken to keep it clean. The station still uses Neale’s token ball system, a system implement by British to avoid collision of trains on a single track. Quarters for Railway employees were also built around this Railway Station which are now dilapidated.

There is an arrow on the front of this railway station building which indicates the direction of Qiblah. Langar railway station distance from Rawalpindi Railway Station is about 100 km. This railway station is located between Jand Junction Railway Station and Chura Sharif Railway Station and is located near Main Pindi Kohat Road. Danish School is also at a short distance from the langar railway station.

A lot of trains pass through the railway station, some of which stop here and for the surrounding area there is a great facility for villagers. Kalma Tayyaba is written on the front of this station building and below it is written Langar in Urdu and English languages and the building is painted white. Red buckets are hung on this station in which sand and water are filled, which are used to extinguishfire.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name LangarArrival Time LangarDeparture Time
202DN – Attock Passenger 17:39 17:40
201UP – Attock Passenger 5:53 5:54
204DN – Jand Passenger 12:30 12:31
203UP – Jand Passenger 13:08 13:09
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
133UP – Kohat Express Domel 17:46 17:47
134DN – Kohat Express Jand 8:38 8:40
127UP – Mehr Express Jand 4:34 4:36
128DN – Mehr Express Domel 19:08 19:09

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