Basal Sharif Railway Station


Basal Sharif Railway Station is located in village Basal in Tehsil Jand of Attock District, Punjab. It is halt Station . The Halt Station is usually smaller than other stations and has minimal facilities. and trains also stop there on request.

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The foundation stone of this railway station was laid by Haji Muhammad Iqbal in 1995 and later it was inaugurated by Mr. Hafeezullah Khan who was the superintendent of Rawalpindi Division.

Many rooms at Basal Sharif Railway Station. are used for station master and ticket ghar and besides these rooms on both sides there are beranda type rooms which are made for passengers. A mosque has also been constructed at this railway station which is used for passengers and Used to pray for people around.


Basal(_)Sharif(_)Building.jpgBasal Railway Station is located between Basal Junction Railway Station and Kahal Railway Station. The distance of this railway station is about 72 km from Golra Sharif Junction railway station. Basal Sharif railway station being a halt, very few facilities are provided. There are also trees around this station which are of different types. Trains go to Rawalpindi from this station. 

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Basaal SharifArrival Time Basaal SharifDeparture Time
133UP – Kohat Express 17:31 17:32
134DN – Kohat Express 10:16 10:17
127UP – Mehr Express 5:37 5:38
128DN – Mehr Express 18:48 18:49


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