Namal Railway Station

Namal railway station is situated in Namal village of district Attock, Punjab. The Namal railway station was built in 1800 years ago under the Britain administration. It is a local little railway station to facilitate the local villagers and neighboring ones.

Building of Namal Railway Station

Namal railway station is a very small local railway station. Building of Namal railway station is based on 2 rooms that serves as railway administration offices. However, the building holds the unique charm of a vintage building. Namal railway station has a traditional snow-white railway building.

Ideal Place for Peaceful Outing

Namal railway station building attracts the visitors due to the cool and fresh look by having good maintenance. However, People who love to spend time in an uncrowded, peaceful and natural environment, must have to visit and enjoy the environment. Cherish birds, dusky evening time, cool winds and beauty of nature extremely fascinates the book readers and nature lovers.

Facilities on Namal Railway Station

The Namal railway station facilitates the passengers in several ways. The services which are available on Namal railway station are:

路          Station master office: to deal with all the issues of the station.

路         Relay Room: to maintain inside outside communication.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Ticket Booth (ticket ghar): To issue tickets for passengers.

Train Operation on Namal Railway Station

Unfortunately, Namal railway station does not operate any train from its platform. However, several trains pass through the Namal railway station

Railway Track of Namal Railway Station

Namal has a very small railway station. However, the railway station is based on a significant railway track. Namal railway track is basically a two-way track. Similarly, it is located on Kotri-Attock Line and Khushalgarh- Kohat-Thal Railway Line.

Key Points

路         Operational Trains: 0

路         Administration: Ministry of Railway

路         Track: two way track

路         Station Code: NLM

路         Proceeding Station: Chur Sharif Halt

路         Following Station: Domel

路         Railway Line: Kotri-Attock Line 鈥 Khushalgarh- Kohat-Thal Railway Line