Kharian Cantt Railway Station

Kharian Cantt Railway Station is a railway station located in Kharian Cantonment, a military town in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The station is a small, local station that serves the needs of the surrounding community.

Kharian Cantt Railway Station was built around 1898 during the British rule. Kharian Railway Station is about 768 feet above sea level. This railway station is located between Choa Kariala railway station and Chak Pirana  railway station. Kharian Cantt is written in Urdu and English in black ink on the front wall of this railway station building.

Kharian Cantt Railway Station was established in the late 19th century, when the Lahore-Peshawar railway line was constructed. The station was designed to be a minor stop on the railway line, providing transportation services to the town of Kharian Cantonment and the surrounding area.

Despite its small size, Kharian Cantt Railway Station is an important transportation hub for the local community. It serves as a connection point for local and long-distance trains, providing access to major cities such as Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. The station is also connected to the town’s bus network, making it easy for passengers to travel to and from the station.

Kharian Cantt Railway Station is a simple, no-frills station that is geared towards the needs of local travelers. It has a single platform and a small waiting area, as well as a ticketing office and a refreshment stall.

In recent years, the Pakistani government has made significant investments in the country’s rail network, and Kharian Cantt Railway Station has benefited from these improvements. The station has undergone renovations and upgrades, and it now boasts modern facilities and infrastructure.

Overall, Kharian Cantt Railway Station is an important transportation hub for the town of Kharian Cantonment and the surrounding region. It provides a vital link for local residents and visitors traveling by train, and it is an integral part of the region’s transportation network.

Trains that stop at this Station
Train Name Kharian CanttArrival Time Kharian CanttDeparture Time
14DN – Awam Express 14:41 14:42
13UP – Awam Express 9:50 9:51
Trains that don’t stop here
Train Name Previous Station Name Prev Station Arrival Prev Station Departure
5UP – Green Line Lahore Jn. 14:15 14:50
6DN – Green Line ChaK Lala 15:50 15:52
12DN – Hazara Express Jhelum 19:40 19:42
11UP – Hazara Express Lala Musa Jn. 8:15 8:40
108DN – Islamabad Express ChaK Lala 18:08 18:10
107UP – Islamabad Express Lahore Jn. 18:00
40DN – Jaffar Express Jhelum 12:35 12:37
39UP – Jaffar Express Lala Musa Jn. 11:24 11:26
2DN – Khyber Mail Jhelum 3:47 3:49
1UP – Khyber Mail Lala Musa Jn. 22:38 22:41
46DN – Pakistan Express Jhelum 8:08 8:10
45UP – Pakistan Express Lala Musa Jn. 12:11 12:13
106DN – Rawal Express Rawalpindi 00:30
105UP – Rawal Express Lahore Jn. 00:30
102DN – Subak Raftar Jhelum 8:55 8:57
103UP – Subak Kharam Lala Musa Jn. 18:45 18:47
104DN – Subak Kharam Jhelum 18:45 18:47
101UP – Subak Raftar Lala Musa Jn. 9:08 9:10
8DN – Tezgam Jhelum 10:00 10:02
7UP – Tezgam Lala Musa Jn. 15:30 15:32
47UP – Rehman Baba Express Lala Musa Jn. 6:50 6:52
48DN – Rehman Baba Express Rawalpindi 14:10 14:30
35UP – Sir Sayyed Express Gujrat 16:40 16:41
36DN – Sir Sayyed Express Jhelum 15:19 15:21
129Up-Thall Express Multan Cantt 800

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