Mureedke Railway Station

Mureedkeis a city and headquarters of Mureedke tehsil of Sheikhpura District in Punjab, Pakistan. It is the 53 largest city  of  Pakistan of pakistan by population. Muridke is situated near the city of Lahore, at an elevation of 205 m (675 ft)and is situated on the Grand Trunk Road.

In 2005, Muridke became the headquarters of the newly created Mureeke Tehsil of Shekupura District.

Mureedka railway station is a small railway station located in the town of Mureedka, Pakistan. The station is situated on the main line of Pakistan Railways and serves as a stop for both express and passenger trains. The station has two platforms and a small station building that houses a booking office, waiting room and other amenities for passengers. The station also has a number of small shops and vendors selling snacks and other items.

Mureedka railway station is a convenient mode of transportation for the residents of the town and surrounding areas. It connects the town to major cities in Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The station also serves as a major transportation hub for commuters traveling to nearby towns and villages. Despite its small size, the railway station plays a vital role in the region’s transportation system. It helps to connect the people of Mureedka and nearby areas with other parts of the country, making it an important economic and social hub.

The railway station is also an important link in the country’s transportation network, connecting remote areas to major cities and providing access to essential goods and services. The Pakistan Railways also provides employment opportunities for many of the local residents. Overall, Mureedka railway station is a vital transportation hub for the people of the town and surrounding areas, connecting them to other parts of the country and playing a key role in the region’s economy and social development.

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