Kanjur Railway Station

Kanjur railway station is located in Kanjur village of district Attock, Punjab. It was built in British era, about 1800 years ago. The railway station used to entertain local villagers and neighboring ones.

Building of Kanjur Railway Station

Kanjur railway station is based on a small typical Colonial design. It has two rooms that function as administrative offices by local administration.

Facilities at Kanjur Railway Station

There are several services provided by the Ministry of Railway for the passengers such as;

路         Station master office: to deal with all the issues of the station.

路         Relay Room: to maintain inside outside communication.

路         Ticket Booth (ticket ghar): To issue tickets for passengers

Train Operation on Kanjur Railway Station

Kajur railway station is a nonfunctional railway station. Railway traffic passes through the Kanjur railway track. However, the railway station does not host any trains currently.

Railway Track of Kanjur Railway Station

Kanjur railway track is located on Kotri-Attock Line. Which connects the rest of the country to the north railway track.

Key Points

路         Operational Trains: 0

路         Administration: Ministry of Railway

路         Track: two way track

路         Station Code: KUJ

路         Proceeding Station: Jhalar

路         Following Station: Attock Junction

路         Railway Line: Kotri-Attock Line