Gagan Railway Station Attock, The Heaven for Book Readers: A Victorian Style Railway Station

Gagan is a small village of Tehsil Fateh Jung, located under district Attock, Punjab Pakistan. The village is located near Kohat road and approximately 45km away from Indus River. This beautiful village has a small railway station which is known as Gagan railway station. The Gagan railway station is one of the most beautiful and peaceful railway stations. The station was made in the 18th聽century, approximately two hundred years ago.

Railway Track ofGagan Railway Station

聽The Gagan railway station has a single platform and contains a two way railway track. From right to left, Rawalpindi to Kohat line is placed; however, from left to right, the railway track comes from KP to Lahore, Punjab by crossing Rawalpindi and Jhelum cities. The track is also called as Khushalgarh- Kohat- Thal railway line. However, the station code of Gagan railway station is GGK.

Facilities at Gagan Railway Station

The Gagan railway station building is constructed as a double portion small white building. Although the station building is not very populated however, it comprises several sections in it to facilitate the visitors and passengers.

路         Station master office: to deal with all the issues of the station.

路         Reservation Office: to make reservations for passenger seats and bogies.

路         Ticket Booth (ticket ghar): To issue tickets for passengers.

路         Washrooms: public toilets for male and female separately.

路聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽Waiting Room:聽second class waiting room for passengers.

Building of Gagan Railway Station

The Gagan railway station of district Attock is a very small but peaceful railway station of Punjab province. The white paint of the building gives peaceful and cool vibes to the visitors. The surroundings of Gagan railway station are very peaceful and calm however, the building of Gagan railway station is covered with heavy shadows of ficus religiosa or sacred fig, which is also known as peepal tree. The front garden of Gagan railway station is full of beautiful red roses along lush green grass as well as cheerful music of birds presenting a mesmerizing overview. Moreover, giant concrete benches on platforms under the giant peepal trees in a neat and clean historic environment invites visitors and nature lovers to spend quality time here to breathe in a peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, Gagan railway station is known as heaven for book readers and nature lovers to have an attractive and calm environment.

Beside Gagan railway station, there are partially abundant quarters which were used as rest rooms. These quarters were also made in British era. Between the main building of the station and abundant quarters, there is a little grassy garden which looks like a jungle due to negligence of administration. In the garden, there is Punjabi traditional hand pump which is still functional and has cold fresh water.

Rich Historic Symbols at Gagan Railway Station聽聽

The historic Gagan railway station is still well equipped with historic symbols such as; drainage pipes on the roof of railway station are themed on lion faces from where water gets drained towards the platform. Similarly, in front of the railway station, a line diversion tool known as kaanta in local language has been placed. Similarly, on the platform of Gagan railway station, there are two boards of medium size display boards that are labeled as the name of Gagan railway station in Urdu and English, both languages for assistance of locals. Furthermore, on the front side of the main building, an arrow can be seen to guide the visitors into the direction of Qibla for offering prayers.

Abundant Food Storage Warehouse

In front of Gagan railway station, there is an abundant food storage building which was also called a warehouse or goddamn. The vast building of food storage was made with red bricks along typical Punjabi cultural doors and windows. The building reflects a rich Sikh architect in it. Beside, abounded food storage building and Gagan railway station, signs of the community waiting room can be witnessed however, there is no building of waiting room remaining anymore.

Train Operation at Gagan Railway Station

It is very unfortunate that at Gagan railway station, not a single train stays and takes the passengers therefore, this railway station is not very populated and active for railway activities. However, trains pass in two way directions. In the past, AttaUllah Express and Khyber mail were stopped and took the passengers towards Kohat and Rawalpindi.

Key Points

路         Operational Trains: 0

路         Administration: Ministry of Railway

路         Track: two way track

  • Station Code: GGK

路         Railway Line: Kohat-Attock Line